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Main Menu

This isn’t everything that’s available today. Call us or check our Facebook page for more!

*All menu prices subject to change without notice depending on market food prices.

Home Made Sandwiches, Soups, Wraps & Salads

Chicken Salad Sandwich


Our homemade chicken salad with tender chunks of chicken and house seasonings on your choice of bread

Southwest Chicken Wrap


Premium chicken breast southwest style withcheeses, lettuce, tomato and spicy sauce

Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap


Loaded with chicken, bacon, cheeses, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato

Vegetable Wrap


We spread our homemade pesto or hummus on a spinach or tomato herb wrap, then stuff it with tomato, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers and lettuce

Fresh Garden Salad


Mixed greens topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and carrots
Small $4.99

Chef Salad


Ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese top fresh spring mix and baby spinach along with tomatoes, sliced egg and bacon bits with your choice of dressing

Strawberry Garden Salad


Spring mix lettuce forms a healthy base for strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, walnuts and parmesan served with a raspberry vinaigrette.
With Chicken $10.99

Homemade Vegetable Soup


Tender chunks of sirloin with fresh vegetables and Grandma’s seasonings

Caesar Salad


Fresh chopped green lettuce with parmesan cheese, tomatoes and Caesar dressing with croutons
With Chicken $8.99

Greek Salad


Spinach and spring mix lettuce with Feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes, purple onion and our own Greek dressing
With Chicken $10.99

Broccoli Cheese Soup


Fresh broccoli chunks, real cheddar cheese and a little TLC go into every cup of our award winning broccoli soup

Taco Soup


Tacos without a shell! Taco meat, corn, beans and tomatoes make a delicious soup

White Chili


A unique alternative to regular chili. Made with white beans, chicken and special seasonings

Chicken Tortilla Soup


Slow roasted, all white meat chicken with corn, black beans, tomatoes, spicy seasonings

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup


Our tomato‐based soup with basil and lots of creamy goodness

Loaded Potato Soup


Chunks of potato with cheese, sour cream, butter and seasonings. Like a loaded baked potato!

Appetizers & Snacks

Jalapeño Dip


Cream cheese, jalapenos, crispy bacon pieces, mayo and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses combined for a big flavor with a little bite

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms


Crab meat in a creamy mix, stuffed into a mushroom cap and baked with buttery bread crumbs

Spinach Dip


Chopped spinach and seasonings in a sour cream‐based combination

Layered Mexican Dip

Refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, green onions, olives, and cheeses layered to create a great flavor. Served hot with tortilla chips
X large (round) $39.99 | Large $24.99 |  Medium  $10.99 |Small $5.99

Chicken Salad


Large chunks of slow roasted all white chicken meat with grapes, celery, almonds and house seasonings

Pimento Cheese


Cheeses creamed into a pimento based mix make this a favorite



Bacon & Spinach, Ham & Cheese, Broccoli & Cheese, 3 Cheeses, or vegetable

Broccoli Salad


Chopped broccoli, bacon, purple onion, sunflower seeds and raisins tossed in our vinaigrette dressing

Buffalo Chicken Dip


Shredded chicken, cream cheese, hot sauce and parmesan and cheddar cheeses combined for a hot dish (if you are brave enough to try it). For extra spice serve on our homemade hot crackers

Crab Dip


Crab meat, green onion, cream cheese and special seasonings. Goes great with chips or crackers

White Cheese Dip


White cheeses, peppers and house seasonings make this great for topping enchiladas or with chips

Homemade Salsa


Tomatoes, peppers, onions and secret seasonings make this a customer favorite

Pink Cloud


Cherries, pineapples, oranges and marshmallows in a fluffy mix. Perfect for salad or a light dessert

Deviled Eggs


Handmade with fresh boiled eggs, mayo and house seasoning

Pasta Salad


Colored Rotini with cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, black olives, red onions, peppers and tossed in our Italian dressing

Cheeseball (8 oz.)


A special mix of cheeses, seasonings, & ham, all hand rolled with a special touch. Served with crackers


Entrees feed 3-4 people

Other Dishes Available - Call or Check Facebook

* Denotes Healthy Dishes

Homemade Meatloaf


Homestyle meatloaf with green peppers, onions and a brown sugar sauce

*Grilled Smothered Chicken with Rice Pilaf


Juicy marinated grilled chicken breast, topped with provolone cheese, sautéed spinach, mushrooms, and pecans, superbly arranged on a bed of rice pilaf

Seasoned Pork Chops


Seasoned southern style, with country spices, browned in skillet, slow cooked then served atop mashed potatoes and country gravy

Mexican Chicken Casserole


Chicken blended in a creamy mushroom sauce with shredded cheese, crushed tortilla chips, diced tomatoes and mild green chile peppers. Topped with nacho cheese tortilla chips

*Sirloin Beef Tips on Rice


Tender chunks of steak marinated just right and sautéed with bell peppers and onions. Served on a bed of rice

Chicken Spaghetti


A spaghetti casserole made with tender pieces of breast meat chicken combined in a creamy mushroom sauce, blended with diced tomatoes, mild green chiles and cheddar cheese

Chicken Pot Pie


Chunks of chicken cooked in a creamy sauce with mixed vegetables in a tender flaky crust

Poppyseed Chicken


Creamy mushroom/sour cream sauce combined with pieces of breast meat chicken, topped with a buttery crumb topping, and sprinkled with toasted poppy seeds

Chicken & Dumplings


Tender slow roasted chicken with ol’ time dumplings in a creamy broth

Chicken Fried Steak


Hand battered and fried to perfection. Served with country gravy

Alfredo Chicken Fettuccini


Sliced marinated & roasted chicken breasts atop fettuccini pasta and our creamy Alfredo sauce

*Stuffed Bell Peppers


Roasted Bell Peppers filled with a savory beef and rice mixture, then topped with sauce & cheese

Shrimp Scampi


Perfectly sautéed shrimp with garlic and wine placed on top of fettuccini and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Homemade Pizza

Supreme | All Meat Pepperoni | 3 Cheese | Bacon Ranch Chicken Mushroom
$12.99 - $15.99

Baked Ziti


Ziti noodles layered with a provolone cheese mixture and a beefy pasta sauce

Shepherd's Pie


Southern meat pie with ground beef and vegetables covered with rich creamy mashed potatoes

Beef Lombardi


An Italian dish in a sour cream/green onion sauce mixed with egg noodles and a zesty beefy pasta sauce

Beef Enchiladas


Chunks of ground beef, re‐fried beans, peppers and shredded cheddar cheese rolled in flour tortillas and topped with our red sauce

Slow Cooked Roast & Veggies


We slow cook beef roast and top with vegetables cooked in the broth and then top it all with gravy

Tequila Chicken


Chicken breast in a Tequila marinade, then stuffed with jalapeños, bacon and cream cheese on a bed of rice with a creamy cheese sauce over the top

Crunchy Chicken & Rice


Sautéed celery, onion and mushrooms mixed in a creamy mix with tender chunks of chicken, rice and almonds

Homestyle Lasagna


A special blend of four cheeses seasoned with Italian herbs, layered with a rich meat sauce and noodles

Caribbean Chicken Enchiladas


Black beans, corn, shredded chicken and seasonings in a creamy cheese mixture rolled in a flour tortilla and topped with our own red sauce

Chicken Parmesan


Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, served with our rich marinara sauce

Beef Stroganoff


A rich creamy sour cream based sauce with chunks of ground beef, sliced mushrooms and egg noodles mixed together

Creamy Corn & Spinach Chicken Enchiladas


Slow roasted chicken mixed with creamy corn, spinach leaves and cheeses rolled in flour tortillas, topped with our white cheese sauce

Blackened Chicken with Cajun Cream Sauce


Sliced blackened chicken layered on a mound of fettuccini pasta and topped with a rich, creamy sauce made with just a touch of Cajun spices

Homemade Meatballs & Spaghetti


Handmade Italian meatballs simmered in our rich marinara sauce. Served with a mound of spaghetti noodles

Southwest Goulash


A special that mom used to throw everything in, but we use ground beef, corn, cilantro, pasta and cheese to make this unique dish

Santa Fe Pasta Shells


A twist on Pasta, big pasta shells stuffed with a creamy taco mixture, with a Mexican red sauce & cheeses

*Grilled Teryaki Chicken


Chicken breast marinated with a teriyaki sauce and grilled

*Grilled Salmon


A marinated, grilled salmon fillet with almond rice

Side Items

Side items feed 3-4 people
$5.99 per pound

Mama's Macaroni & Cheese


Rich, velvety cheese mixed into macaroni pasta & special seasonings makes this a melt‐in‐your‐mouth dish

Broccoli with Cheese


Rich, velvety cheese mixed into macaroni pasta & special seasonings makes this a melt‐in‐your‐mouth dish

Country Style Potato Salad


Whole potatoes mashed & mixed with boiled eggs, dill pickles, red onion and special seasonings

Oven Roasted Vegetables


Red potatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, red onions & carrots with house seasonings and oven roasted

Country Green Beans


We steam them country style with bacon & house seasonings

Garden Vegetables


Fresh steamed broccoli, green beans, carrots & peppers with butter and house seasonings

Green Bean Casserole


A creamy mixture of mushroom soup, cheeses, onions & spices mixed into green beans & topped with crunchy onion rings

Southern Favorites


Fixed the old fashioned way — slow cooked with all the fixins:
Pinto or Northern Beans | Fried Cabbage Turnips and Greens | Baked Beans

Sweet Potato Casserole


Sweet potatoes, butter, eggs & brown sugar whipped up & topped with a sweet pecan topping

Mexican Rice


Rice with cheeses, spices & peppers to make a wonderful side for Mexican food

Broccoli Rice Casserole


Fresh broccoli steamed, mixed into a creamy cheesy sauce and rice

Squash Casserole


Yellow squash, carrots and onion in a herb seasoned breaded casserole

Corn Casserole


Sweet whole kernel yellow corn with mix of cheese and peppers

Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes


Potatoes mashed with all the fixins of baked potatoes: butter, sour cream, bacon bits, cheese and green onions

Hashbrown Casserole


Shredded potatoes, cheese and seasonings topped with crunchy, buttery topping


Available in Whole or Pieces

Prices Vary According to Size

Ding Dong Cake

Texas Sheet Cake

Carrot Cake

Pina Colada Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Sunshine Cake

Tres Leches (3 Milks) Cake

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Italian Cream Cake

German Chocolate Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Coca Cola Cake

Coconut Cream Cake


Available in Whole or Pieces

Prices Vary According to Size

Egg Custard Pie

Pecan Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

New York Cheesecake Pie

Fresh Strawberry Cream Pie

Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Buttermilk Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

Assorted Desserts

Apple Dumplins



4 Layer Delight

Pumpkin Roll

Lemon Bars

Banana Pudding

Pecan Bars

Cherry, Apple or Peach Cobbler

Party Trays

Large Feeds 20-25 | Small Feeds 10-15

Finger Sandwiches

Large - $74.99 | Small $44.99

Cooked Shrimp Platter

Large - $74.99 | Small $44.99

Fresh Vegetable Tray

Large - $54.99 | Small - $34.99

Fresh Fruit Tray

Large - $54.99 | Small - $34.99

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Price per dozen

Pinwheel Finger Sandwiches

Large - $64.99 | Small $34.99

Meat and Cheese Tray

Large - $74.99 | Small $44.99

All About Dips (Large)

Dips of your choice
3 dips $54.99 | 2 dips $34.99

Delectable Desserts

Dessert bars, cookies and brownies
Large - $54.99 | Small - $34.99

Baked Goods



Huge Cinnamon Rolls with Icing (Each)


Cheddar Biscuits (4-pack)


Herbs and cheddar cheese make these little biscuits extra tasty

Buttery Croissants (2-pack)


Fresh Baked Sliced Breads


Whole Grain
Italian Marble
Jalapeño Cornbread

*Priced by the loaf

Hot Crackers


Cornbread Slices (2-pack)


Mexican, Broccoli, or Regular

Sister Schubert Rolls (4-pack)


Yeast rolls baked and ready to serve

Homemade Sweet Breads


Chocolate Chip
Banana Nut
Lemon Poppy-Seed

$6.00 Large Loaf  •  $3.00 Small loaf

Breakfast Selections



Breakfast Casserole (9x13)
Eggs, sausage, seasonings & bread make a perfect casserole for brunch or breakfast.

French Toast Casserole (9x13)
A sweet delight to compliment breakfast. Made with eggs, bread, maple flavoring and a touch of cinnamon.

Catered Breakfasts (Priced Per Person)

Pancake Breakfast
Pancakes, bacon, sausage links, scrambled eggs & fruit.

Country Breakfast
Homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon & sausage gravy with all the fixins.

Pastry Platters

Huge cinnamon rolls, flaky fruit pastries, muffins, scones and homemade breads in a unique combination.
Large (feeds 20-25) $54.99
Small (feeds 10-15) $34.99


Pigs in a Blanket (16 ct. pkg.) - $10.99
Smoked sausage wrapped with flaky pastry and browned to perfection. 

Sausage Cheddar Cheese Balls (16 ct. pkg.) - $9.99
Pork sausage mixed with cheddar cheese and house seasonings. Served hot out of the oven.